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Engagement rings

Engagement rings

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Long-term warranty on our products

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Engagement ring diamond calculator

I Si2
Karat ()

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  • Помолвочное кольцо с бриллиантом
    464.4 EUR
  • Помолвочное кольцо из золота с бриллиантом
    500.04 EUR
  • Классическое помолвочное кольцо
    636.8 EUR
  • Помолвочное кольцо с бриллиантом
    628.6 EUR
  • Помолвочное кольцо с рубином
    612.8 EUR
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Not enough designs? Choose author's works from our catalog.

  • Saderināšanās gredzens SG6
    593.4 Eur EUR
  • Saderināšanās gredzens SG5
    686.3 Eur EUR
  • Saderināšanās gredzens SG4
    630.2 Eur EUR
  • Saderināšanās gredzens SG3
    1831.4 Eur EUR
  • Saderināšanas gredzens SG2
    1182.4 Eur EUR
  • Saderināšanās gredzens SG1
    1846.4 Eur EUR

Manufacturing of promise rings

The tradition of giving engagement rings before a wedding came to Latvia from Europe relatively recently. Its essence is that a man gives a ring with a precious stone to his chosen one, in the hope that she will become his future wife. If the girl agrees – she later wears this ring before the wedding and after it on the ring finger of the left or right hand, depending on the religion or desire. An engagement ring is considered a man's vow of loyalty and devotion to his future wife.

The range of Ora Legendo presents some models of engagement rings, which we consider the most successful, because from our experience, almost all men who decide to make an offer do not know the size of their beloved's finger. And often, in order not to spoil the surprise, it is not possible to find out the size directly. We have selected for you the most successful models of engagement rings with a sophisticated design, correct for a size-and-a-half that will not pose a significant problem later.

All models are calculated based on the specified amount of gold, its sample, and the declared size and quality of precious stones. But this does not mean that we are limited to this. You can choose the size of the diamond and its quality, color and sample of gold. We can also make a ring based on your photo or individual sketch. We guarantee that with us your significant other will definitely say “YES”to you.Ювелирный салон Ora Legendo предлагает