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Gold earrings

Gold earrings
Jewelry studio Ora Legendo offers its customers to order different types of women's earrings, both standard and individual. By the type of Lock, as most often ordered, it should be noted earrings with English clasp, French, Italian lock, clasp Pusett, loops, brooches, staples, ring, clip and needle clasps. If you mention non-standard and individual orders, at our masters, each customer can make according to the submitted photo, picture, which found on the internet or without it. There is an opportunity to add your own corrections to the future drawing of the jewelry. Also, in jewelry we offer to fasten precious stones of different types and price variations.

  • Серьги на английском замочке с бриллиантами
    624 EUR
  • Серьги с ониксом
    707 EUR
  • Гарнитур с бриллиантами
    1107 EUR
  • Серьги гвоздики с бриллиантами
    886 EUR
  • Серьги из желтого золота с бриллиантами
    1213 EUR
  • Золотые серьги "Цыганки"
    447 EUR
  • Серьги с топазами и кольцо
    1957 EUR
  • Золотые серьги с топазами и бриллиантами
    0 EUR