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Weaving chains in our workshop

Why choose our workshop?

Assay hallmark

Each of our products has the hallmark of the assay office.

Samples of chains

In our workshop there are samples of manufactured gold chains.

Colossal experience

On account of our masters, thousands of completed works, and the experience of the chief jeweler is more than 35 years.

Thousands of satisfied customers

We have more than 7 years of successful work behind us in Latvia and the EU, and about 10,000 subscribers on social networks.

Excellent investment

Investing in gold is the best way to save money. By investing in gold chains, you will not only save money, but also increase your savings.


We make chains that will serve you for many decades.

Jewelry studio ORA LEGENDO will make gold chains of different weaves to your order

At all times, gold chains for men and women with their expressive design attracted the attention of others. Any model made of precious metal, whether it is white, yellow or red gold 14 ct sample, will bring pleasure to its owner for many years. A full-fledged gold chain made by a master jeweler manually from a massive solid wire will be the standard of quality, because with a neat wear on the neck, the product can serve its owner for up to 50 years. Such jewelry works are an excellent means for saving and growing money since gold tends to increase in price.

In this section you can find structured information about pricing for gold chains, photos of our works, as well as locks to them. Please note that we do not manufacture hollow jewelry, all our chains, like other jewelry, are solid, so they are a model of reliability and will be worn by You without repairs and other preventive measures for many years.

If you touch on our pricing policy, we claim that we will not be able to offer our customers the lowest prices in Riga. But when we start manufacturing, we can GUARANTEE that every inch of Ora Legendo products is worth the money we ask for them. Observing the highest quality standards, we claim that in the catalog you will find options for weaving chains for every taste and purse.

Welcome, and we will be happy to wait for You in the Ora Legendo workshop!

How to order a gold chain?

You choose a gold chain

On our website you can choose the weaving of the gold chain, the weight of the item, the color of the gold, the fineness, the type of lock, as well as the length of the gold chain.

Cost calculation

Each weave contains a calculator for calculating the cost of work, or the cost of the chain, depending on the weight.

You contact us

You contact us by phone, or leave a request on our website. We make an appointment in our workshop.


We discuss all the nuances of the product directly in the workshop. To start manufacturing, we need an advance payment of 25% of the final cost of the product.

Production time

The term of production of the product depends on our workload, but, in general, it is up to 1 month.

Receiving a completed order

After manufacturing and passing the assay office, we will contact you. At a meeting takes place of delivery-acceptance of the order.

Do you have any questions? Contact us.

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  Saturday: 14.00 - 18.00

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