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Jewelry workshop

Custom jewelry making

We make handmade custom order jewelry. Unique design - gold earrings, rings, chains, rings, wedding and engagement rings, wedding accessories, pendants, bracelets, crosses, icons, and much more. We give every client the opportunity to give a second life to their old jewelry, using them as a material for making a new one !

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Jewelry repair

Our company has a set of unique skills and competencies that allow its employees to perform repairs of various complexity, starting with simple work, such as increasing or reducing the size of the ring, connecting broken gold and silver chains, replacing or repairing the lock, and more complex - fixing precious stones, restoring jewelry and much more.

Argon welder and contact welding

Along with other jewelry repair services, we are also happy to offer contact welding services. This method allows you to solder jewelry without heating, this is especially important when repairing jewelry with all kinds of precious stones and pearls, since they do not like heating. Now we can reduce and stretch rings, earrings and other jewelry without removing the stones from them, which, in many cases, significantly simplifies our work, and you, as a result, reduces the price for it. With the help of an argon welder, we can now solder not only precious metals, which also allows us to repair eyeglass frames made of titanium, steel and other things that do not consist of precious metals. The price for working as a contact welder starts from 15 euros.

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Jewelry 3d modelling

For the most exclusive customers and ordering. Our specialists who have the skills of 3D modeling of jewelry, along with the product itself, can perform its 3D design. This procedure both visualizes the result of the received work to the client, and, in some cases, reduces the cost of completing the order. This section contains some 3D designs that have already been made by our masters.

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We perform various types of engravings:

Engraving inside wedding rings

Engraving on locks

Engraving on lighters

Engraving on gold and silver surfaces

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Diamond market. Buy and sell diamonds

For the convenience of our clients, the company cooperates with both suppliers and cutters of the highest quality precious stones, offering low prices for diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc. We also provide a quick purchase service, offering our customers a favorable price for them.

This price list contains introductory information on the price per unit of a diamond of a certain size and quality. All prices are in Euros. Please note that we do not keep stock and we need some time to deliver the stones to our customers.

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