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Mens rings

Mens rings
This section presents rings and seals made recently by ora Legendo jewelers, which look great on men ! And who said that rings are purely feminine jewelry?

To dispel this stereotype, let's turn to history. Initially, rings and seals performed the function of a seal, confirming the high state status of its owner and emphasizing prosperity. The Central part of the ring was covered with an engraving or relief pattern, which allowed when applied to paper or wax to leave a depressed mark. In this way, papers of national importance, or messages, were identified. The material for making printed rings was usually chosen gold, since it is not subject to oxidation, looks beautiful and once again emphasizes the social status of the owner.

Ora Legendo specialists are ready to fulfill any of Your wishes in this field – you can develop your own product design, or we can do it together, taking into account your personal requirements and features. We can get and work with almost all types of precious and semi-precious stones. When ordering a ring from us, you are guaranteed to order a quality product at a reasonable and fair price. Welcome !

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  • Мужское кольцо с оникссов и бриллиантами
    1024 eur. EUR
  • Мужское кольцо с бриллиантом пол карата
    2525 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с масонскими знаками
    1238 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с гербом России
    1850 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с ониксом и бриллиантами
    1174 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с мотоциклом
    1188 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с инициалом "D"
    1210 eur. EUR
  • Колцо Намея
    1809 eur. EUR
  • Мужское кольцо Намея
    1884 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с инициалами
    1462 eur. EUR
  • Перстень в стиле "Ролекс" с сапфиром и бриллаантами
    3153 eur. EUR
  • Женская печатка
    1138 eur. EUR
  • Мужское кольцо с бриллиантом 1 карат
    6781 eur. EUR
  • Золотое мужское кольцо "Шина"
    1435 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с бриллиантами
    3620 eur. EUR
  • Морской перстень для капитана
    2259 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с орлом
    4175 eur. EUR
  • Перстень со львом
    3717 eur. EUR
  • Мужское кольцо из белого золота
    1023 eur. EUR
  • Перстень с бриллиантами
    2341 eur. EUR
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