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Our jewelers in Riga

Ora Legendo - the translate from Esperanto – Golden Legend. Why did we choose Esperanto for the title ? This is a synthetic language, which is still spoken in the world only by scientists in general. It was conceived by the creators as a dream. A language that the entire planet will one day communicate in, easy to learn and at the same time beautiful and melodious.

Our workshop was also created as a dream. A dream in which the production of individual jewelry for the client will be a simple and pleasant task, where there is no place for fraud and deception, where everyone can choose something that will emphasize their individuality, in proportion to their ambitions and financial opportunities. By now, our creative team has already created THOUSANDS of individual jewelry, and we can assure you that only a few were dissatisfied with the performance. The company's mission is to provide high-quality jewelers ' services within a specified period at a fair price. We position ourselves as a " jewelry workshop focused on customer identity and service”. Our masters live and breathe the art, and if you choose us, you will not be disappointed with the performance.

The story of the Golden Legend begins in the bowels of our workshop. Our company is a community of jewelers with different skills, specialization and experience. Each of us performs its own function in fulfilling a specific order, thereby increasing the overall efficiency and quality of work. When making jewelry, we use both the old traditional methods of execution, which were invented decades ago, when the skill was still passed from mouth to mouth from master to apprentice, and the latest, such as the use of 3D technologies for modeling and printing on printers and cutting from the best specialists on CNC machines.

The range of our jewelry services is very wide. We perform all types of jewelry related to gold.

Our motto is honesty in relations with the customer, we remember each of our products, and provide free post-production service for each of them for 2 years.

We are happy to wait you in Ora Legendo !

Jeweler Alexander Kulakovsky and his team.

Alexander Kulakovsky – chief master of Ora Legendo and technical Director. Universal master jeweler with more than 30 years of experience. Master engraver of the highest, sixth category, model maker, sculptor, stone fixer and painter. He also has more than 15 jewelry-related professions. On his account, the execution of exclusive orders, presented as a gift to many, very famous people and artists. Breathes jewelry art, is deeply immersed in work and fulfills orders with love and great attention to detail.

Artur kaktins – marketing manager of Ora Legendo. The responsibility includes management, administration, marketing and advertising, customer relations and work with customers, implementation of 3D modeling of products.

Alexander Kulakovsky Jr. – is a apprentice and son of Alexander Kulakovsky. Experience in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years, specializing in the execution of chains and bracelets of various links.

Arnold podgaisky – A student of Alexander Kulakovsky, a jeweler and artist. Specializes in fulfilling wedding orders and quick repairs of gold and silver.